The ASF recently organized the second phase of “Mental Health and Trauma Management” training, a two-day event for 21 employees of both ASF and its partner organization, Agragati Seba Sangstha (ASS). This initiative falls under the project titled “Enhancement of Mental Health Support System for Acid & Burn Violence Survivors,” generously funded by the British Asia Trust. The training, held on May 12-13, 2024, at the DISA Institute in Dhaka, focused on stress management, first aid in emergency situations, and emotional intelligence.

Led by Mukta Jahan Banu, a Clinical Psychologist, the training was also conducted by a guest trainer Mizanur Rahman, an HR Expert and Career Analyst, alongside a clinical psychologist. The comprehensive modules aimed to empower participants across various dimensions, fostering proactivity in their respective fields. Particularly, the training aimed to equip employees with essential knowledge on first aid, enabling them to play active roles during emergencies. Moreover, it aimed to enhance their ability to manage stress, both personal and professional, and develop their capacity to navigate emotional intelligence.

The stress management segment, in particular, equipped individuals with techniques to identify stressors, build resilience, and implement effective coping strategies. Investing in such training not only enhances productivity but also fosters healthier relationships and improves overall quality of life. This training program reflects ASF’s commitment to supporting its employees and partners in facing challenges effectively, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and capable workforce.