Advocate Fawzia Karim Firoze

Advocate Fawzia Karim Firoze


Message from Chairperson

It is with great honor and modesty I took over the role of the Chair of the ASF Board and have got the opportunity to present the Annual Report 2016 of ASF. This report contains the progress of our work and success over the stated year. However, in every success story there lies instants of concealed failure. We cannot strongly say that we have succeeded in eliminating acid ‍attack completely from our society. This year, we have received quite a few cases against acid violence though the numbers are very low compared to the previous years. This has been the result of working together with the government, media, known personalities and the civil society in order to present the issue to the forefront and ensuring that there is strong legislation to address acid violence in Bangladesh.

In our work we face multiple challenges and difficulties but we have managed to overcome them and have emerged stronger. I thank the distinguished members of the Board of Trustees most cordially for their active support and guidance throughout the year. The Foundation is grateful to donors, individuals and institutions within and outside the country for their generous support.
The story of ASF is of a highly valued partnership between us and the Government of Bangladesh. I thank the government for their continued support which has been extended throughout the year. My gratitude to the media, network partners and other stakeholders for their priceless support. ASF would not be where it stands without the generous cooperation and support of all.

Last but not the least; I would like to acknowledge the contribution of our Executive Director and her team for their tireless hard work and devotion. My heart goes out to our courageous survivors who continue to demonstrate how their confidence and determination are changing lives and are encouraging self-reliance, equality, non-discrimination and justice. I salute them.