Acid attack involves the intentional throwing of any corrosive onto the face and body of a person to disfigure them. 80 per cent of its victims are women making the crime a gender-based violence. Founded in 1999 (Reg#1501) in response to the rising trend of acid violence in Bangladesh, Acid Survivors Foundation’s mission is to eradicate acid and burn violence and empower survivors, especially women and children through an integrated approach using a replicable holistic bio-psycho-social model; through the engagement of national and international stakeholders.





Hospital Visits

ASF participated a webinar on gender based violence (GBV) for stakeholders in Bangladesh

As part of 16 Days of Activism, Acid survivor foundation (ASF) executive director (ED) and program officer (PO) legal had participated in a webinar on lessons and learnings for comprehensive

A webinar was organized by ASF on Sunday 24 October 2021

On the occasion of UN day 2021, October 24, Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) organized an in-house event over Zoom under the theme “Reaffirming our collaborative efforts to strengthen the voice and agency building of acid survivors towards leading a life with dignity in an equitable and just society”.

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