You can change and make a difference of one’s life

ASF is seeking sponsors for women and children who have been mutilated as well as lost the ability to work as a result of acid violence. . The purpose is to reach survivors living in distressed circumstances in Bangladesh and help to improve the quality of life for them and their families. With your minimal monetary support a mother can not only educate and feed her children but also a whole family can lead to an advantageous position in general.

The ASF Sponsorship program helps the survivor to lead a healthy life, connecting them with potential, creditworthy people who can support them pursue a secure and dignified life.

ASF define the term “SPONSOR” as

S – Sensitive is our approach when working with the victims or survivors within a community to help them escape the cycle of poverty, depression and mental illness.

P – Practical necessities are our view to allocating sponsored funds to the survivors or victims to fulfil their basic needs like food, shelter, education and medical aid.

O – Opportunity to make them (survivors or victims) self-reliant and to be the change makers in their own lives.

N– Nourishment/Nutrition advice and a balanced diet plan provided by a doctor or nutritionist to encourage healthy eating.

S – Sustainable business plans and training facilities to help the survivors’ community to lead a decent life and earn their own livelihood.

O – Observe the continuous growth of the sponsorship program making changes and adaptations whenever and wherever necessary.

R – Reliable platform to invest, where ASF promises that the sponsored fund will be utilised for the victims’ well-being.

There are many ways for you to get involved and help improve the world for these survivor community.

We can’t do it alone!

For additional information about becoming a sponsor please contact us: