About Us

ASF was founded in 1999 (Reg#1501) in concern to the rising trend of acid violence in Bangladesh.  Acid violence is a form of gender-based violence that reflects and perpetuates the inequality of women in society.  Gender-based violence is prevalent in Bangladesh.  This form of violence cuts across cultural and religious barriers and impedes women’s rights to fully participate in society.  It has the effect of denying women basic human rights to economic and social well-being, political participation, personal fulfillment, and self-worth.

Our Mission

To prevent acid and burn violence and empower survivors, especially women and children, through an integrated approach using a replicable holistic (bio-psycho-social) model; through the engagement of national and international stakeholders backed by research, experience & evidence.

Our Vision

ASF is a Centre of Excellence, with a vision of Bangladesh free from acid violence, where burn victims, especially women and children , live with dignity.


To ensure survivors’ satisfaction in all the activities while maintaining confidentiality and respect for the individuals. We take pride in the delivery of quality products & services in a timely manner with accuracy and follow-up in all we do, while ensuring safety and security. We will continuously build our team for excellence in Service Delivery, Accountability & Transparency.