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New Acid Attack-Rima Khatun

A woman and her 4 years old niece became sunder acid attack. Rima Khatun, a 23-year-old woman, tragically became the victim of an acid attack in Durduria, Lalpur, Natore. She was receiving medical treatment at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital

New Acid Attack-Jannati

On the darkest night of January 26, 2024, a one-and-a-half-year-old Jannati descended into even deeper darkest shadows. The harrowing screams of the family drew the attention of neighbors, who rushed to their aid and transported them to Borishal for urgent care.

New Acid Attack-Najma Begum

Najma Begum, aged 41, went to Vennabari market in Kaharul, Dinajpur district, on December 21, 2023, around 6:30 PM. While there, she encountered her stepson, Rabbi, aged 20. As he approached, she noticed he was holding what appeared to be glass. Suddenly, Rabbi threw acid…

We Mourn: Mehruba Mukti

মেহেরুবা মুক্তি একজন এসিড সারভাইভার। তার গ্রামের বাড়ি বগুড়া। তার গ্রামের বাড়ি বগুড়া। গত ১১/০১/২০২৪ তারিখ পর্তুগালে পরিবারসহ অবস্থানকালে ইন্তেকাল করেছেন “ইন্না লিল্লাহি ওয়া ইন্না ইলাইহি রাজিউন”