New Acid Attack

Najma begum

Najma Begum, aged 41, went to Vennabari market in Kaharul, Dinajpur district, on December 21, 2023, around 6:30 PM. While there, she encountered her stepson, Rabbi, aged 20. As he approached, she noticed he was holding what appeared to be glass. Suddenly, Rabbi threw acid at her, causing Najma to shield her face. The perpetrator then fled the scene.

Immediately following the attack, Najma sought shelter in a shop within the market, where bystanders rushed to her aid by pouring water over her. Upon hearing of the incident, Najma’s son Nahid swiftly transported her to Kaharul Health Complex. Subsequently, she was referred to Dinajpur Hospital where she received treatment for a duration of 10 days. Upon recommendation from medical professionals, Najma was advised to seek advanced care at Rangpur Medical College Hospital. A lawyer from Dinajpur Court reached out to BLAST- a civil society organization, who then referred the case to ASF. Following ASF’s guidance, Najma was directed to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. With the invaluable assistance of ASF, Najma was admitted to DMCH on January 24, 2024, and remains under medical care there.

It has come to light that Najma’s husband, Saiful, aged 45, had been issuing threats to her for several days. Notably, Najma is Saiful’s second wife. Following their marriage, Saiful failed to provide any form of support or maintenance to Najma and their two children. At a certain juncture, Najma took legal action by filing a dowry case against her husband. Subsequently, Saiful intensified his threats towards her, culminating in the aforementioned incident as a revenge. They have filed a case in the court with the assistance of an Advocate of Dinajpur Court.

On January 29, 2024, a multidisciplinary team from ASF, consisting of a Medical Officer, Psychologist, Legal Officer, and a ward attendant, visited Najma at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital to offer our support and solidarity. Najma requested financial assistance to cover her medical expenses and food costs. Considering her vulnerability, ASF provided urgent financial aid to Najma from ASF and committed to stand alongside her.