The Energypac Electronics’ staff representatives sponsored and joined an IFTAR event with acid survivors. ASF organized the event unobtrusively with the available acid survivors and staff members on 27 April 2022 in the ASF office. ASF representatives briefed the guests about ASF’s integrated journey, bio-psycho-social model interventions, accomplishments, short stories, challenges, and the future dream for change.


The ASF Executive Director, Mr. Sarder Jahangir Hossain thanks Mr. Ahmed Mashroor Huda, Vice President of Energypac Electronics with his team for the spontaneous motivation to visit ASF and spend some time with the survivors during the month of Ramadan and for his patience in listening to us enthusiastically. Mr. Huda said he learned a lot about ASF and appreciated ASF’s great work. The Executive Director also encouraged the EnergyPac Group and other Corporates as well may come forward, as part of their corporate social responsibilities (CSR), while ASF facing a serious funding gap, to support ASF’s integrated journey of freeing Bangladesh fully from acid violence and creating opportunities for the survivors to live a life with dignity.