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Hasina is from Narayanganj District-50 kilometer from Dhaka. In 2004, when she was 17 years of age an agricultural laborer whom she used to call uncle (kaka) and Hasina had an argument over the use of tube well water. On the same day he threw acid on her while she was sleeping with her siblings in her own house.

"I didn't realize what it was at first, it just felt like something warm but with sharp burning sensation, and I immediately ran to my mother. No one knew what to do as I was rolling on the ground and screaming for help".

Hasina was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where she was under treatment for four months. "I was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where I was under treatment for four months. During that time I kept thinking that I was already in hell and facing excruciating pain which was not improving. When they were changing my dressings the pain was so intolerable that I would not be able to find the words to describe it."

After the treatment, her face, one eye, one ear was destroyed. DMCH discharged her with raw wounds because there were other patients waiting to be admitted. After she was discharged from DMCH, Hasina was taken to ASF where she received post operative nursing care for two months.

"Once there was a wedding in our village,my cousins asked me to go and I refused because I said I could not bear to hear the comments people would make. They still insisted that I attend but then a chichi (elder) from the village came up to me three times because she believed that my presence at the wedding was unlucky for the bride and she insisted that I leave before the groom arrived. I kept refusing, but the fourth time she said this, I finally left"

When Hasina returned home she was surprised by how people started to treat her differently because of the way she looked. They would comment on the attack by making remarks such as "why is she alive? What will happen to her parents? Who will marry her?"

Hasina's younger brother had to hear from many people "surely there must have been something wrong with Hasina for this to have happened to her?" She faced many situations where she was shunned and people refrained from asking her to attend social events. One of Hasina's friend's mother did not allow her pregnant daughter to see Hasina because she feared that the child might be born looking like Hasina. As a result of this Hasina avoided getting out the house and always kept herself covered up.