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Some important features of the two acts are:
Establishment of a National Acid Control Council Fund
Establishment of a Rehabilitation Centre for victims of acid violence
Treatment for victims of acid violence
Provision of legal aid for victims of acid violence
Locking up shops to prevent the sale of acid and banning transport engaged in carrying acid
Temporary cancellation of acid selling licenses

The creation of Acid Offence Prevention Tribunal in each district where the tribunals have exclusive jurisdiction over acid attacks regardless of the victim's sex
The Tribunal shall dispose of any case within ninety days from the date the file of the case produced before it.

Hearing of any offence before the Tribunal shall continue on each working day until the completion from the date it commences.

Under this Act, the investigating police officer shall complete the investigation within thirty days from the date the information relating the Offence received or the Magistrate orders for investigation.
Adjudication in absence of the accused
Power of Magistrate to take statement at any place

The aggrieved party can lodge an appeal against the order, decree or punishment imposed by the Tribunal to  
the High Court Division within sixty days after the renouncement of that order, decree or punishment. 
National Acid Control Council (NACC) is mandated to develop policies and monitoring systems for the production, trade and deposit of acid and to develop medical, rehabilitation and legal support services for the victims of acid violence. Accordingly District Acid Control Committees (DACC) work to implement the decisions of NACC.

The law gave victims the right to obtain a medical certificate from any recognized hospital. Despite enactment of the new laws to combat acid violence, it is estimated that very few of the attackers are ever punished. The victims are usually poor, illiterate and frightened of the time-consuming and complicated legal system.
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