On International Women’s Day, March 8 2020, Scholastica – Uttara Senior Campus, hosted ASF and its Joyful Cafe catering.  The event started off with a morning special Assembly with grade 8 & 9 students, and speeches from Principal Farah Ahmed and grade 7 student, Gazi Bushra Abedin.  The event highlighted women’s rights, social issues and things we should be celebrating and working towards as a community and school to ensure woman have their rightful stance as included citizens wherever they may be in society and world.  ASF’s Program staff, and acid survivors, Nusrat Jahan Nizum and Amina Khatun also shared some words of inspiration for the student body.  Various members of the senior faculty team were also in attendance of this event.

It was Joyful Cafe’s debut catering event at any organisation; snack items were sold over the students’ break and lunch time.  Announcements were made continuously throughout the day at the school to promote the cafe.  All revenue generated from the Cafe goes back into sustaining the cafe’s staff jobs, who are also survivors.

Other members in attendance of the day included staff members from ASF’s Admin and Clinical team and field placement student from York University, Canada.  Joyful Cafe’s Coordinator and Head Cook were also in attendance.

Thank you Scholastica and team for supporting our survivors, and sharing such an important day’s platform with us!  Onwards, and upwards.