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Rehabilitation and Development

Financial Assistance from The Social Welfare Department :

The following describes provisions in the Social Welfare Department’s Implementation Manual on the Programme on Rehabilitation of Acid Burnt and the Persons with Disabilities:


Providing Assistance to Survivors of Acid Violence:

The program pledges that social welfare officers will keep in touch with survivors of acid violence and their families and take necessary steps to ensure they are receiving necessary treatment- related advice and mental support. The social welfare officer and union-level social worker/ civil servant will provide counsel and support to arrange for survivors’ immediate admission and treatment at local hospitals.


Providing Grants for the Treatment of Survivors of Acid Violence:

If a survivor’s annual earning is not more than BDT 60,000, then he/she is entitled to receive a treatment grant of between BDT 5,000 – BDT 10,000. After receiving the one-time treatment grant the survivor can also receive micro-credit loans, according to the Social Welfare Department’s policies.


Available Loan Programmes for Survivors of Acid Violence:

As part of the Social Welfare Department’s loan programme for survivors of acid violence, survivors or his/her family members can receive interest free loans of between BDT 5,000 – 20,000. The loan is subject to a 5% service charge. After repayment of the first loan the survivor or her family member may apply for additional loans.


The loaned amount + service charge must be paid back in 20 equal installment payments. According to the nature of the scheme the first installment must be made two months after the provision of the loan and all repayments must be made within one to two years.