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Governance and Management

Selina Ahmed Ena
Executive Director

Acid Survivors Foundation

Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) is a centre of excellence with a vision of Bangladesh free from Acid Violence, where burn victims, especially women and children; live with dignity.

Since its establishment in 1999, ASF has worked for the betterment   of more than 3,600 survivors of acid violence in Bangladesh and has emerged as a al pioneer organization in combating Acid violence.

ASF has been working towards this vision and providing a holistic support for the acid survivors in a multidisciplinary approach which is called  “Bio-Psychosocial Model’’ , which refers integrated services rescue to successful reintegration of the survivors. Acid burn care services, psychological care, legal assistance and financial support for economic rehabilitation with a rights-based approach to have an emphasis on advocacy and strengthen institutional capacity of Govt. and NGOs to address acid violence ensuring legal, social and economic rights for all acid survivors in Bangladesh. Most importantly, ASF is continuing its efforts to empower survivors by promoting resilience as change agents in our community to prevent and protect acid violence, its consequences.

With the combined effort of the government and other non government organizations, the media and the civil society, ASF has been successful in reducing the number of acid attacks significantly 496 in 2002 to 71 in 2014. Despite this achievement still acid violence is happening which means our efforts must continue.

I hope in the coming years ASF will overcome all the challenges with the cooperation and collaboration of Government, NGOs, wider civil society and Media. 

We are grateful to our survivors who are becoming as change agent and trying to rebuild their life not only also contributing to change others. To prevent and protect acid violence our survivors are playing a vital role which is very positive and encouraging.

I am grateful to our esteem Board of Trustee Members for their continuous support and guidance for ASF. It’s really wonderful! Also I want to express my sincere gratitude to our former Executive director Ms. Monira Rahman, for her excellent and dynamic leadership and commitment. Also I would like to remember our Founder Executive Director Mr. John Morrison   who is still one of the beloved friends of ASF and for his valuable contribution.Also always we do recognize our development partners contribution ( Financial and Technical).

For all of your extended cooperation that’s why we are here today. And I do strongly believe “Together Everyone Achieves More.” Yes, together we can stop acid violence. 

Let’s keep up the sprit of our good work and prepare ourselves to face our remaining challenges towards our mission to eliminate Acid Violence.

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