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access to the best medical treatment many survivors are sent abroad for treatment that require Special attention from international surgeons.

Physiotherapy and Splinting is an essential component of the healing process of acid injuries. Qualified physiotherapists use a wide range of techniques including different streaching, massages and exercises as part of the treatment process. Along with physiotherapy, splints for maintaining joints range of motion is used to prevent contractures and deformities. Local materials are used to make the splints.

Pressure Garment Pressure Garment is an important component of a recovering burn patient’s rehabilitation program. The pressure garment production centre was started in 2001 and training was provided by experts from England, Netherlands and Australia. ASF’s physiotherapists ensure that the quality of pressure garments is maintained. Pressure garments are made of elasticized fabric such as cotton lycra that provides a tight custom fit garment and the garment is used to provide constant and equal pressure to provide compression over the healed burn. This compression minimizes development of scarring and deformity. Pressure garments help the burn heal with the least amount of scarring by pressing and flattening the scars. The tightness of a compression garment also helps stop the itching associated with a healing burn and protect fragile skin.

Counseling An acid attack leaves a person disfigured for life and the physical and emotional loss inflicted on the person is not completely recoverable. The victim is condemned to a life of trauma. Survivors often lose decision making ability and courage to face the lengthy treatment. ASF has developed the capacity of some survivors to act as peer counselors. These counselors provide regular counseling to survivors at Jibotara to build survivor’s confidence, strength, and courage to motivate them to find their path to recovery. Qualified clinical psychologists also provide counseling and psychotherapy to survivors and their families.

Music and Art Therapy To overcome their mental trauma survivors ASF arranges music and art therapy for survivors. The therapy is meant to reduce anxiety, withdrawal symptoms and depression. Through music and art, survivors regain their confidence and self belief.

 Pre – operative.  Post - operative
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From the very beginning, ASF attracted a number of local and international surgeons who were willing to dedicate their expertise for these unfortunate women, children and men. In addition to their regular job in other hospitals the local plastic surgeons and their operation team provide acid survivors with the best plastic surgery available in Bangladesh. In addition to the local surgeons, highly skilled international consultants in the field of reconstructive & eye surgery visit Bangladesh on average once or twice a year to operate the very difficult cases and train their colleagues in Bangladesh.

Acid attacks not only devastate a person’s body, but also leave the victims psychologically traumatized. Their life plans and dreams are shattered into a million pieces and it is very difficult for them to accept that their lives have been irrevocably changed in an instant. To help them cope, ASF provides basic counseling, psychotherapy and psychiatric treatment including modern therapeutic techniques.

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